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Free conference call services are provided by various service providers that allow participants to dial in and participate in a conference over the phone. It may be in the form of audio or video conferences and it allows people to share documents with each other business associates at no cost at all. These services can be accessed from mobile devices, office phone lines or even the internet. The video conference calls are more popular as they allow participants to see each other during the entire session. A mobile app for the iPhone or Android devices enables easy access to the conference interface from anywhere.

Conference call services providers offer free conference call services through hosted VoIP softwares. The services are offered on a per minute basis. There is no extra charge for long distance calls and domestic long distance calls. A toll free number should be dialed so as to avail of the services. In addition to the regular features, some of these service providers also provide additional features like free conference call recording, free conference call participant registration and free conference call registration rescheduling. Some providers even offer free calling minutes after a specified number of paid conference call transactions.

Free conference call services are considered to be one of the best free options for meeting people who do not usually hold meetings regularly. Hangouts are a good alternative to regular face-to-face meetings. Many businesses use them to exchange information between different departments or to resolve work-related issues. A large number of users prefer to use these services instead of face-to-face meetings, as they are easier and faster than traditional methods. If you are planning to hold a Hangouts session, you must evaluate the pros and cons before you set it up.

If you are using free conference call services on a regular basis, it will be a good idea to upgrade your service plan with a provider offering high quality audio and video quality. Audio quality is the major factor that influences people's impressions of your service. Google Hangouts is one of the better companies when it comes to providing quality audio and video quality. There are several reasons why Google Hangouts beats other service providers when it comes to video quality.

Google Hangouts is also the most recommended service provider if you are looking for a conference tool that enables video calls via skype. If you already have an existing skype account, it is easy to sign up and start making video calls immediately. Users of skype are more likely to find your meetings interesting and informative, which can convince your clients to buy your products and services.

Although Google Hangouts does offer a lot of convenience, there are some drawbacks too. The biggest drawback is that it does not support the Microsoft Word plug-in. People who have used Microsoft Word for years will find this a big disadvantage as they do not prefer using another program for making their meetings. You might also notice that the audio quality of Google Hangouts is a bit dull and sometimes, there is a delay when you are talking on one end. However, these are just minor issues as there are no serious drawbacks with Google conference call services. Learn more in this link:

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